Rio Grande Mexican Food - Good, natural deliciousness 

You love us for our margs. Now let us tell you about our food.
Every day is a fresh start in the Rio kitchen. Just this morning, we chopped and blended those tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos for that incredible salsa you're munching on. That tender chicken in your burrito? It was roasted and pulled off the bone by a real person, today. Every tortilla that leaves our kitchen is handmade by our staff and individually warmed for your order.

You get the point. It's because we make all of our food from scratch every day that you're able to taste each and every ingredient. This simple culinary approach gives our food an addictive edge. In fact, many Rio regulars say that our food is approachable enough to eat a few times a week and so soul-warming that they long for it when their away.

We believe that freshness is wholesomeness and wholesome is who we are.

The Rio's been a scratch kitchen since we opened in 1986.
Twenty-five years later, we're still using fresh, locally grown produce and our original recipes - the very same recipes that our owner, Pat McGaughran, gathered with friends in his early years traveling the Yucatan peninsula... Mexican flavors with layers of Tex-Mex style.

Today our food is more fresh-tasting than ever. For 2012, we've hired new culinary talent, refined recipes and sourced better ingredients so that even after 25 years, we're able to serve you the best dang Mexican food and margaritas this side of the Rio Grande.


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