We believe in refreshing the spirit of the communities in which we live and work. That’s why each restaurant is a member of local civic organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Convention & Visitor's Bureau, and Downtown Business Development associations. These relationships are fostered to show community support and to demonstrate that we are engaged civic citizens.

Get revved up with renewable energy.
The Rio supports wind power by offsetting 100-percent of the electricity used in our restaurants. Our commitment is similar to planting 288 mature trees or not driving 3,536,403 miles.

By purchasing Green-e Energy certified renewable energy credits, we're committed to:

  • Helping reduce our dependency on fossil fuels
  • Promoting cleaner air
  • Fighting global climate change

Do the right thing.
The Rio is constantly working to become as environmentally aware as possible. We have always recognized the importance of giving back, especially to help save Mother Earth. So with that in mind, we recycle glass, cardboard, and paper. We use compact fluorescent light bulbs. And since 2006, we have been composting our kitchen scraps and paper towels at The Fort Collins Rio. In this one location alone, we divert more than 250 cubic yards of trash from entering the landfill by:

  • Recycling 4,000 pounds of cardboard and 36 yards of co-mingled items monthly
  • Composting 18,000 pounds of food waste monthly

As a platinum partner in the Fort Collins Climate Wise program, The Rio is dedicated to finding creative solutions to help reduce waste, save energy, and positively impact the environment.

Need some Rio love? 
We love to help support causes that represent The Rio’s culture and mission by engaging with local nonprofit organizations and events in the community. We try to align ourselves with activities that involve education, kids, healthy outdoor lifestyles, eco-friendly ideas, and the arts… just to name a few.

If you are having an event and want us to donate gift cards, food, or sponsorships, please fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch. And while we would like to get involved with all that is good and worthy, we sometimes have to gracefully decline.


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